My first choice Ph.D. program is…

My first choice is a Ph.D. program in Physics
at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT).


The Great Dome.


I chose MIT Physics as my first choice last June when I was a first-year graduate student.

I had been wondering what to do in the future and I had thought about various things. But I started to write this article not because I wanted to mention them. I’ll write about them someday.

After deciding my first choice, I’ve worked hard to achieve the goal. I confronted English I’d been avoiding studying for a long time. Finally, I took overall 7.0 in IELTS (International English Language Testing System) which is a minimum score required from MIT Physics.

Though I decided MIT Physics as my first choice and I’ve worked hard, I didn’t want to tell others my goal. So if I was asked by someone, I always said, “My first choice is a university near Boston.” (If someone guessed right, I admitted that.)

Sometimes I was asked the reason I kept my first choice secret. At such times, I told the reason using TED presentation, “Keep your goals to yourself” by Mr. Derek Sivers.

…But to be honest, I didn’t want to say the true reason.

I didn’t have confidence in my ability. I’ve thought I want to go to MIT for more one year but I often though MIT was too far from me. I thought I overreached myself.

In addition to that, I was afraid of what others thought when I told them about my goal. In a high school, I attended, there were people who denied, so-called dream killers. I saw them and I’ve been denied by them. So I hesitated to speak out my goal. I was worried about if my goal became prey of them.

But the application form has already been opened since September 15th.

Though I couldn’t believe in myself and I cared about what others thought, I’ve worked hard to get into MIT physics. The deadline is December 15th. I have less than three months left.

I was frightened by dream killers around me. But I just realized that my worst dream killer was me. Not believing in myself kills my dream.

The application form has already been opened. I have to change the situation.

September 15th is the first day of receiving the application. On that day, I started to write an article written in Japanese (this is the translation) to confront the dream killer in my heart. I believe that words are powerful. With the aid of the power of words, declaring my goal, I’m trying to expel the dream killer from me. Others don’t matter.

I have less than three months left. I'll do my best to get into MIT Physics.


GRE Physics.

My first choice is the Ph.D. program in Physics at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT).