Firstly, ….

A happy new year!! Thank you for your visiting my blog. I’ll write about last year and this year. I ate udon, thick wheat flour noodle in my hometown. My hometown is famous for udon.


I will write about the last year and this year.


In 2018.

I graduated from Osaka University in March and I entered the graduate school at Osaka University in April. I think this was one of the big changes in 2018. I became a graduate student but I go to the laboratory to which I had gone and I have spent the same daily life as I had spent when I was an undergraduate student. The words, a graduate student are written in my student card instead of an undergraduate student.


When I was a fourth-year undergraduate, I spent the time doing research or reading physics books at the laboratory. Otherwise, I went to dojo to do club activity. But after entering graduate school, I have opportunities to see various people. I started to go outside and to interact with people. (But I am a person who spends the most time being at the laboratory.)


I was stimulated greatly by students whose major is information. Since I became a graduate student of information science and technology, I had a lot of opportunities to be exposed to something about information. As I mentioned in the previous post, I studied to gain the little but wide knowledge about programming and computer by myself when I was a high school student. I have been interested in information science but I majored in biology when I was an undergraduate. And I lost my motivation to study them while I was swamped with my course work. After entering graduate school, there are classmates who have deep knowledge of programming, network and so on. In addition, I took a lecture about machine learning. They motivated me to study it. It is the same that when I read "How To Become A Hacker" when I was a high school student.


After becoming a graduate student, opportunities to discuss and cooperate, with someone increased. Exactly, I placed myself in the environment because I am not good at or sometimes annoyed by, doing something with others. It has been around one year since I enter graduate school and I realized that I am not good at such things again…. I feel stressed when I talk with not familiar people. This is a problem I need to overcome in 2019.


I made a progress toward applying for a graduate school abroad. I determined my first choice graduate school. I had been scared to change my major from biology to physics. But I’ve gotten over it. These two points where I made a progress in 2018. In addition, a scholarship foundation which helps me go to the university financially encouraged me. I just need to do it.


Though my research doesn’t go well, I’ve written a paper in the middle. I realized how difficult it was to determine what to say or what not to say based on the data, to make a story, and how to lead to a conclusion.





In 2019.

“Applying for a graduate school abroad” and “Proceeding with research”

They are my new year’s resolutions.


English proficiency exam, IELTS. I’ve studied English sluggishly since I was a first-year student. In the latter half of 2018, I began to concentrate on preparing for the test so I work hard to get a target score, 7.0 as soon as possible. In addition to IELTS, I need to take GRE general and physics. I want to finish preparing for the exams as soon as I can too. Of course, it is more important to make sure of where I really want to go than to prepare for the exams. I’ve got to know the direction where I want to go. But it’s not enough. And I lack knowledge of a subject I want to study, physics. Not enough. I have to search widely to have several choices.


Last year, I’ve started to write a paper. But I am halfway through my research. I want to complete my research the research so that I focus not only on preparing for applying but also on the research. Of course, my duty is research but I don’t know which I should concentrate on now. I feel impatient about making an application so that I sometimes sacrifice my research for IELTS. I feel depressed…. I thought there was enough time for research but two years have passed since then. The deadline is approaching little by little.





Finally, …

For some reasons, I’ll go to The University of Tokyo for research when I am a second-year graduate school student from this April.

  • There are people who try to understand life in a theoretical manner.
  • There are people who study quantum physics and quantum information.
  • We try to understand life in an experimental matter.


Suddenly, I got a chance to place myself in an environment will lead to future development of my carrier from the laboratory I belong to now.


“Applying for a graduate school abroad” and “Proceeding with research” at The University of Tokyo.

I feel like 2019 will become an exciting year for me.